… everything has to be delayed for now…

And like as it is, battle the anxiety that makes the mind waits, be eager to reach the grand finish line, even though it would not be over. Ride the roller coaster, again and once more - and shout to let the air be breathe in, it is needed… Let it be a ride of no ups and down, instead of a ride of more anticipation to every ends mean. How will it feel when you travel and not reaching on a the calculated time… you can’t blame, ’cause its not you, who took the long drive.

The long eagerness(not even sure how long) builds the dream… and achieving it, creates the goal. My mind doesn’t rest from it, maybe it would never be - the world is huge to be analyzed, but problems and woes are counterparts of excitement and enjoyment… we need to think of solving it - this makes you a warrior, a warrior for facing life’s cruelty. Score one, and you have gain maturity.

As for the love of life, this would be the ultimate weapon. Being able to create dreams, makes us human. And being to continue life, makes the love immortal. The fruit of excitement is also a fruit for what love we have been and what we had proven. Life becomes as you have understand it by the love of those who loves you back!