Never that I thought I would find myself reading an article that would actually kick me of my past darkness. I may have thought that it would be over… but past do hunt you sometimes… like those things that you won’t want to put to waste - no, wait, maybe not those… those things that you would like to throw - like a toy that has a squecky thingy I guess. Then throw it I guess - it’s just a toy after all.

It’s a life of come and go. A life of finding a proper place for yourself - YET, a proper situation for you… who have told you that Love would not be easy… all of us felt pain in life, more in more in love situations… Love as a toy - then throw I guess. Don’t get me wrong but we’re done with, been there and definitely done that. Only the stupid ones who just stay in the darkness and not decide to throw the bad things - damn dirty toy.

And not that - it’s just.. I myself has been thrown by someone, not that I’m bitter about it nor feeling like I’m the victim or that sort, I know why I am dumped - And for that, from the darkness of rejection, I condemened my past, rewrite my perception of joy, looked around me - Someone is always there who would not throw you - but rather fix you of your flaws…

What Love is - you have some, you lose some - you enjoy and you get hurt (even too much) - no one is the victim here. Love is not for us to feel better - but Love is there to understand, very delicate and sensitive, to keep it eternally.