How do you call a peddler of “puto?”

Despite the flood, Christopher Lao still managed to rev-up his vehicle and crossed a watery obstacle. And even before crossing half-way, some diligent bystander have to push this vehicle to a bit dryer ground. It will really cost him a lot if he wants to put back his vehicle on the road.

A video camera was taking all of this… managed to ask Lao about this mishap - everyone was taken a back with his response.

“I should have been informed!”, “yun lang naman e!”, “Bakit ako?!” in his hopeless state - blames the Government, the MMDA, and the TV reporter and even the bystanders. Too much “me against the world!”

A lot - really a lot of Internet hate pages were created, some titled by degrading Lao’s mental capability, some titled “i should be informed” slogan. Of course it would not be complete without those photoshoped images like a car with a boat as body, shirt with witty tag lines like “Bawal magban-LAO”. In its course, it was indeed funny. But yet, hatred became too much that the latter has not realized where he went wrong.


In any means necessary - why not! I never thought that a citizen in a democratic country would be deprived with Public information, “we should always be informed.” Mas lalo ang mamamayan ang mga boss!

It will not be any simpler than this… the transparency will promote good governance.

I keep pictures of my love ones near to me. At home, we have our parents graduation pictures, laminated in a wood, posted at the wall. I have my wife and son’s picture in my wallet. Photo frames of my brothers and sister are displayed in our living room shelves. Hundreds of digital images of them are saved in my hard drive. I dearly loved them so much, this memorabilia reminds me of our bonds, those happy times and struggling years.

Try making fun of this pictures and I will punch you where it counts… better yet, have Rep. Pacquiao do it, then it will count. “Yan lang alam nyo, malaswa!”

I feel how hurt is that lady who was protesting against that controversial Kulo exhibit at CCP, she sobbed so hard that her mind can’t take the fact that an artist, probably with intellectual capability, defaced his beloved Jesus Christ. “Lagyan ba naman ng titi.” Love is ultimate factor of living - there is no conservatism or religious propaganda - just simply repect… P-Noy even says so.

Bawal na ang pagpalo ng bata. The kids don’t deserve it anyway - instead the positive discipline act is now push through at the House. Next the senate. We love our kids and they deserve our outmost care. And remember, allthings can be “daan sa mabuting usapan.”

This bill doesn’t incriminate a person, one “palo sa pwet” doesn’t mean your a criminal. We go to more positive approach by sending violators to seminar by DSWD.

Iba na ang usapan kung talagang duguan na ang bata, grabe criminal act na yun!

At EDSA, there is none but the common scenario of over-speeding buses, swerving vehicles, motorcyclist who dangerously insert themselves between bigger vehicles, pot-holes, indefinite lanes and annoying vehicles who cuts other vehicles. Though a number still abides the road rule, is there no sense to know the reasons of heavy traffic. This very commemorative avenue is still confused and messed up on its rules.

Ganyan sa Pilipinas, habang may nag-gigitgitan, may nakikipag-unahan, may naglalamangan, may naguutakan - hindi mananaig ang respeto.