Installing wordpress via terminal is slicker and faster. If you are on Windows, you need to install some dependencies - for Linux and OSX just go ahead and fire up your terminal.

On Windows, download and install the following packages from gnuwin32.

  1. Wget - Wget for Windows
  2. Tar - Tar for Windows
  3. Core Utilities - CoreUtils for Windows

Restart your machine to update yor PATH VARIABLES.

Start you wordpress installation, go to your local server directory.

Create a directory for your project and go to that directory.

mkdir testsite
cd testsite

Download the latest wordpress version using the wget command.


Extract downloaded archive file,

tar xfz latest.tar.gz

Move extracted content one directory up then remove unnecessary file

mv wordpress/* ../
rm -rf wordpress
rm latest.tar.gz

Wordpress is now downloaded and is ready to be installed. Set-up your database and edit wp-config.php. Continue wordpress installation on your browser.